The Quest for Frank Wild tells the gripping story of Angie Butler’s determination to unravel the truth of the final years of Frank Wild, one of the greatest British Edwardian Polar explorers of all time.

He supposedly died in penury unable to come to terms with Ernest Shackleton’s death and forgotten by his fellowmen in the small mining town of Klerksdorp near Johannesburg. The little that was known of his later life in South Africa has been maligned by hearsay and sensational journalism and most tragically of all, no-one knew where he was buried. An outstanding man lost in life and in death.

The author’s seven year journey finally uncovers an extraordinary untold story and by doing so not only fulfils Wild’s wish to have his Memoirs published but ultimately makes an astonishing discovery.

The Memoirs stand alone as a unique account of Edwardian Polar exploration.


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BBC Radio 4 'Frank Wild's Last Journey' podcast (Audio)

Frank Wild's Burial Next to Shackleton (YouTube Video)

Frank Wild commemorative expedition to the Falkland, South Georgia and Antarctica on board the Akademik Ioffe

The missing remains of Shackleton’s right hand man, Frank Wild, one of the greatest Polar explorers of all time have finally been found in Johannesburg and in an unprecedented move will be taken to be buried beside Shackleton’s grave in South Georgia. Exactly ninety years since Shackleton and Wild embarked on their last voyage together, Angie Butler, author of ‘The Quest for Frank Wild’ and Ice Tracks Expeditions are thrilled to announce a commemorative 19 day voyage to the Falkland, South Georgia and Antarctica which will carry Wild's ashes to his final resting place where two of the greatest polar explorers and friends will finally be reunited during a commemorative ceremony at the whaler’s graveyard in Grytviken, South Georgia. Among the confirmed guests is the Hon. Alexandra Shackleton ( Sir Ernest’s grand-daughter) and six Wild family members. The expedition will depart from Ushuaia, Argentina on 20th November and return on 8th December 2011. It is Angie Butler and Ice Tracks Expedition aim to share the passion for adventure travel to the Ends of the World with like-minded enthusiasts. Please contact us for more information on Antarctic Expedition Cruising